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Friday, April 13, 2012

Expensive shawl. Cheap Pizza hut


We went for a 'dating blouse' for Hilda.  Turquoise colour. She choose polka dot for the theme of the date. Soooooooooooooo sweet when she told that her boyfriend actually even never know what the turquoise is,but her beloved boy search it from google to find it. This is what we call effort to be well in front of his girlfriend,i found it so sweeeeet. 

Until night. And we drop by to Pizza Hut.

 she act. heheee.


 she does not. heheee

Yes2. I'm wearing black in colour silkygirl nail polish.
Its haram if u still keep it while i u do your pray. 
But i can't. Dont misunderstood.
Well..u know..

 Zaidi or Irah? Hmmm :)

It is very expensive for us if 
buying a shawl for RM20
It forgiven if both spending 20++ for Pizza Hut.
That yellow shawl really awesome.U will look really innocent in everytime u wear it in.
Pizza only gets u full and u forget it after an hour or less.
I hate u Hilda. Hehehehe

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