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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hold the kids tight !

Before leaving for the airport at night,i went to Madam Nik Noorliza's mother's house at that evening. How bright evening.
Here's what i got.
Oh,i will not story about the just-arrive-home Madam Nik,or about the tea,the sugar-biscuit,or the still- young-look-husband uncle Joe ! Im talking about how
Tip hold a baby. Tip hold a baby. Tip hold the babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!

 yeahh. i saw u. i saw u really happy hugging the baby Afnen ! ( the way Assif called the baby)
Assif? The one who keeping watch her lil bro and his guests, hey,it us. 

 How comfortable Afnen on your arm,
no snapping-picture-allowed.
He mad at me. He hates me !!!! 
Hahahaaaa. Am i so mean?

Caution  ! Hold with care.
 Is that caption can describe this picture?

Ok. Summarizing about a wild little boy. I told u, he's wild. Naughty. Catchy. Ohh,, i cant catch him around. Mybe because he got a pair of leg. Yeah. Moving leg. U like to move it move it. U like to move it move it. Thats way,ahak ahakk i like it, ahakk ahak ! * this is song,actually.
Ok i tried to hold him. 
Failed. I failed.

Gottcha !!!!!!
Suddenly i proudly made him come,near,near to me. Close to me. 
I told him
''Assif come on,take-picture meh ! Take- picture meh ! ''
He likes to pose. He likes to be covered. He likes to stand out his self. 
Obviously, i dont even need words to get him, actually i just need a camera. Or handphone camera. That is sooooooo easy. 
Awesome kid. Kid? Goat's baby???
How adorable baby Assif is...he is so talkative, so not-too-small, so so so.. so babyyyyy ahh.
-His grandma ignore him when he wore his brother's shirt with collar to play shoot-shoot with his brothers. I forgot to grab some picture of them.

 incredible chubby litlle boy 

Woootttt wooootttt

 He thinks he great enough.
Like alexander the great.

Ok. So this is me swallowing my shy-shy-cat standing in front you saying i'm happy for that evening.. And i go back to this moment,all the time..

 How many time i should tell.
Afnen does not like camera ! 
Hold him tight, Tip ! 
 (Assif smile. ew. ew. ew.) 
Hahahaaaarrrr ! 
Dear Baya, 
::::::: Her facebook is Harimau rimau    Hanami Rina
Thank u camera girl. Soooory sis ! Forgot to take ur pictures also lah ! Why u dont remind me ahhh? 
Im going to miss u both. Oh i mean u all, including the kids. The madam,the husband,the grandma,granda,and the grass ! 

See you guys back on end of june soon !

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