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Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to make our sister scream


If you are a sister. Have u ever yellin to your younger sister??
Yahh i did.
What makes u scream at her?
 Lets check it out how i did it.

One day my lil sister were so busy clicking the small grey blocks together (her favourite game) that she do not hear me slide open the door.
i call from the doorway.  
''We have to go to Kak Nun's house now.''

She looks up at the sound of my voice,but then with a scrowl focuses back on the blocks in her hands.I hear mom calling to me from the outside.,
 ''is Linda is ready to go? ''

i say again. Its time to go. 

Linda pretends she doest not hear. 

''Linda, clean up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''
Yah, look at me when i am talking to you !!!!!!!

That is all. hahaha.


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