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Thursday, April 17, 2014

10 Reasons Why Traveling Makes You A Better Person


1. Learning to be alone.

Have lunch with yourself. Sit with your thoughts and be okay with them, whatever they are. Love yourself whole-heartedly, especially in times of solitude. And when you think you can’t sit alone any longer, order coffee and a dessert.

2. Relying on the kindness of strangers.

Foreignness does not prevent random acts of kindness. Accept them. Give them. Appreciate them.

3. Learning to live with less.

This does not mean claiming hardship. Let this manifest in small ways. Recognize your fortunes. Be humbled.

4. Learning that plans change and you will have to adapt.

Itineraries are guidelines, not rigid measurements of experience. The best experiences are often not scheduled or anticipated. Expect the unexpected and learn to love it.

5. Enjoying the moment.

Forget the missed bus and enjoy the culture that can be experienced in one hour waiting at a bus stop. Stay in the present.

6. Forces you out of your comfort zone.

Practice speaking that language you learned. Try the cow tongue. Make new friends.

7. Learning to be patient.

Don’t rush through the museum. Don’t rush through your meal. Don’t bounce your leg up and down or roll your eyes. Don’t yell at anyone for reading the map wrong and getting lost. Don’t worry, you’ll get there.

8. Learning you can’t assume. 

Try looking at things a different way. Ask questions. Let this open up a new realm of thought and possibility.

9. Missing home.

Appreciate family, friends, and loved ones. Appreciate the comfort of mundane routines. Find a new found respect for the life you often wish to escape.

10. Goodbye is not forever, life has endless possibilities. 

Family becomes more than just blood. Never say goodbye to the people you meet and the places you see. Cherish the new families and homes you’ve gained. Keep in touch and look back with fond memories from time to time.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baju kurung by @ Hazanis Fashion - A Definition


Baju kurung  is the traditional attire for Malay women.  It became the official dress for Malaysia and Brunei, can also be found in Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. This baju kurung suitable to be worn by all classes of society regardless of age. Baju Kurung is also used to attend the wedding ceremony, religious ceremony, and formal occasions. In Malaysia, all women generally wear baju melayu as traditional attire includes formal attire primary and secondary school students. Only designs and cuts baju vary somewhat by state.

In line with the times, now many haute modern design has emerged and accepted by the Malays. Although in general we have accepted modern influence in everyday clothes, but still baju women preferred to be styled. The difference, design baju kurung now more contemporary but still retains original features.

In addition there is a change at the cut and shape, to produce a more modern design and creative, baju kurung also decorated with embroidery, filigree, beads or sequins. Material for producing baju also changed. Now, there is a wide selection of materials including satin, organza, chiffon, silk, batik, linens and more. Changes are made to conform with the current situation or event to be attended by other than trying to imitate the style of foreign deductions may seek to look more elegant. Now there is a wide variation baju and it is known as Baju Kurung Modern.

Although baju kurung has evolved in line with changing times and tastes of the wearer, but the designs are still the same. It is still comfortable and well worn sweet girl showing politeness East and Malay cultural superiority.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Secret Garden - Synopsis

Good morning, teacher  Mas
Good morning. Have a seat 
The "Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a magical novel for adults and children alike. 'I've stolen a garden,' she said very fast. 'It isn't mine. It isn't anybody's. Nobody wants it, nobody cares for it, nobody ever goes into it. Perhaps everything is dead in it already; I don't know.' 

     After losing her parents, young Mary Lennox is sent from India to live in her uncle's gloomy mansion on the wild English moors. She is lonely and has no one to play with, but one day she learns of a secret garden somewhere in the grounds that no one is allowed to enter. Then Mary uncovers an old key in a flowerbed - and a gust of magic leads her to the hidden door. Slowly she turns the key and enters a world she could never have imagined. Now in a beautiful clothbound cover. 

    With a heartwarming introduction by Sophie Dahl. A behind-the-scenes jounrey, including an author profile, a guide to who's who, activities and more...Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849-1924) was born in Manchester. She had a very poor upbringing and used to escape from the horror of her surroundings by writing stories. In 1865 her family emigrated to the USA where she married and became the successful author of many children's books including "Little Lord Fauntleroy" and "A Little Princess".

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