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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baju kurung by @ Hazanis Fashion - A Definition


Baju kurung  is the traditional attire for Malay women.  It became the official dress for Malaysia and Brunei, can also be found in Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. This baju kurung suitable to be worn by all classes of society regardless of age. Baju Kurung is also used to attend the wedding ceremony, religious ceremony, and formal occasions. In Malaysia, all women generally wear baju melayu as traditional attire includes formal attire primary and secondary school students. Only designs and cuts baju vary somewhat by state.

In line with the times, now many haute modern design has emerged and accepted by the Malays. Although in general we have accepted modern influence in everyday clothes, but still baju women preferred to be styled. The difference, design baju kurung now more contemporary but still retains original features.

In addition there is a change at the cut and shape, to produce a more modern design and creative, baju kurung also decorated with embroidery, filigree, beads or sequins. Material for producing baju also changed. Now, there is a wide selection of materials including satin, organza, chiffon, silk, batik, linens and more. Changes are made to conform with the current situation or event to be attended by other than trying to imitate the style of foreign deductions may seek to look more elegant. Now there is a wide variation baju and it is known as Baju Kurung Modern.

Although baju kurung has evolved in line with changing times and tastes of the wearer, but the designs are still the same. It is still comfortable and well worn sweet girl showing politeness East and Malay cultural superiority.

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